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BLOG » Annie_Abrahms

Annie Abrahms in

You wouldn't know from looking at it, but Annie Abrahms, is one of the most sought after adult models that can be found anywhere on the Internet. No, she isn't a porn star, she is a web cam girl for the Goliath-sized WebCam porn company Streamate. While what she does online may seem fairly tame to the legions of fans used to watching Jenna Jamison taking multiple members and God knows how many porn videos. Annie Abrahms is a star in her own right with over 15,000 favorites and a five-star rating that is a virtual legion of fans when it comes to the naked WebCam business, and you know the funny thing is: A lot of these guys are coughing up almost $10 a minute just to talk to her. No insult to Jenna Jamison, but she is working a lot less hard for her money both literally and figuratively.

See too, is a member of the popular girlfriend hookup site GFMate where they feature one of her very rare videos because she is one of the smart cam girls that actually polices the Internet to make sure that her content does not wind up being freely distributed on sites like Porn Hub and Redtube.

We have embedded the Annie Abrahms video in this blog post so you guys can watch it or you can just follow the direct link that preceded this.

Now that you know more about this semi-adult and innocent looking teen web cam porn superstar, let me tell you the really cool part: She is an active member of the world's largest community of 18 to 22-year-old girls that are just looking for a fun time with no strings attached.


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